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In order to reduce the number of items damaged while in transit to customers, packaging consultants recommended that the TrueSave mail-order company increase the amount of packing material so as to fill any empty spaces in its cartons. Accordingly, TrueSave officials instructed the company's packers to use more packing material than before, and the packers zealously acted on these instructions and used as much as they could. Nevertheless, customer reports of damaged items rose somewhat.

Which ofthe following, if true, mosthelps to explain why acting onthe consultants' recommendation failed to

achieve its goal?


The change in packing policy ledto an increase in expenditure on packing material and labor.


When packing material is compressed too densely, it loses some of its capacityto absorb shock.


The amount of packing material used in a carton does not significantly influence the ease with which a customer can unpack the package.


Most of the goods that TrueSave shipsare electronic products that are highly vulnerable to being damaged in transit.


True Save has lost some of its regular customers as a result of the high number of damaged items they received

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Option(B) is correct

Option A : An increase in expenditure on packing material and labor might affect the company's profitability, but it would have no effect on whether items were damaged in transit.

Option B : Correct. This statement adequately explains why more items, rather than fewer, were damaged in transit.

Option C : If customers were able to remove their items just as easily from boxes filled with more packing material as from boxes usingless packing material, the items would be unaffected by an increase in the amount of packing material used.

Option D : The kind of goods True Save ships most frequently isnot relevant to the question of why increasing the amount of packing material failed to reduce the number ofitems damaged in transit, since they most likely shipped this same kind of goods both before and after making the recommended change.

Option E : The loss of regular customers helps explain why TrueSave turnedto the packaging consultants for help, but it does not help explain why those consultants' recommendation failed to reduce the number of items damaged in transit.

The correct answer is B.

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Why is the option C not correct..


Most items would have been damaged in transit and not at the time of the item being unpacked.

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