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Wood smoke contains dangerous toxins that cause changes in human cells. Because wood smoke presents such a high health risk, legislation is needed to regulate the use of open-air fires and wood-burning stoves.

Which of the following, if true, provides the most support for the argument above?


The amount of dangerous toxins contained inwood smoke is much less than the amount contained in an equal volume of automobile exhaust.


Within the jurisdiction covered by the proposed legislation, most heating and cooking is done with oil or natural gas.


Smoke produced by coal-burning stoves is significantly more toxic than smoke from wood-burning stoves


No significant beneficial effect on air quality would result if open-air fires were banned within the jurisdiction covered by the proposed legislation


In valleys where wood is used as the primary heating fuel, the concentration of smoke results in poor air quality

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Option(E) is correct

Option A : If wood smoke were as dangerous as carexhaust, this mightsupportthe idea of regulating it just as

exhaust emissions are regulated; but this statement tells usit isless dangerous.

Option B :  This point suggests less of a need for legislation.

Option C : This information provides nosupport for the idea that the use of wood-burning stoves should be


Option D : The lack ofbenefit from banning open-air fires isa point against thelegislation.

Option E :  Correct. This supports the argument in favor of legislation.

The correct answer is E.

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Y, Sriharsha

All the other options are not supporting the fact that wood smoke is dangerous, which is covered only in E.

Ananthakrishnan H

Not possible.How is that answer possible.

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