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Hunter: Many people blame hunters alone for the decline in Greenrock National Forest's deer population over the past ten years. Yet clearly, black bears have also played an important role in this decline. In the past ten years, the forest's protected black bear population has risen sharply, and examination of black bears found dead inthe forest during the deer hunting season showed that a number of them had recently fed on deer.

In the hunter's argument, the portion in bold face plays which of the following roles?


It is the main conclusion of the argument.


It is a finding that the argument seeks to explain.


It is an explanation that the argument concludes is correct.


It provides evidence in support of the main conclusion of the argument.


It introduces a judgment that the argument opposes.

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Option(E) is correct

Option A : The hunter's main conclusion is that black bears have also contributed to the decline in the deer population.

Option B :  The argument seeks to offer areason for the finding thatthe deer population has declined, not the finding that people blame hunters for that decline.

Option C :  The hunter does not conclude that blaming hunters for the decline in the deer population is correct; rather, the hunter suggests that black bears should also be blamed.

Option D :  The hunter believes that hunters are not solely responsible for the decline in the deer population, sopeople's suggestion that theyare responsible does notsupport the hunter's main conclusion.

Option E :  Correct. The boldfaced statement cites a judgment that the hunter attributes to many people, and that the hunter argues is incorrect. The hunter opposes thejudgment thathunters alone are responsible for the decline inthe deer population.

The correct answer is E.

Edit: Thank you Sourabh for pointing out missing boldfaced statement. Reformatted question to add boldfaced question.

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There is no boldfaced statement.


Thank you for letting me know, reformatted statement to make it boldfaced.