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The amount of time it takes for most of a worker's occupational knowledge and skills to become obsolete has been declining because of the introduction of advanced manufacturing technology (AMT). Given the rate at which AMT is currently being introduced in manufacturing, the average worker's old skills become obsolete and new skills are required within as little as five years.

Which of the following plans, if feasible, would allow a company to prepare most effectively for the rapid obsolescence of skills described above?


The company will develop a program to offer selected employees the opportunity to receive training six years after they were originally hired.


The company will increase its investment in AMT every year for a period of at least five years.


The company will periodically survey its employees to determine how the introduction of AMT has affected them.


Before the introduction of AMT, the company will institute an educational program to inform its employees of the probable consequences of the introduction of AMT.


The company will ensure that it can offer its employees any training necessary for meeting their job requirements.

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Option(E) is correct

Option A : Providing training only to selected employees and only aftertheirskills have already become obsolete is not likely to be an effective response.

Option B : This plan only accelerates the problem and does not address the employees' skills.

Option C : Periodic surveys may provide information toemployers butwill not be enough to prevent employees' skills from becoming obsolete.

Option D : Having knowledge ofthe consequences does notprevent those consequences; employees' skills will still become obsolete.

Option E : Correct. This would ensure thatallemployees have themost current occupational knowledge and skills needed for their jobs

The correct answer is E.

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