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In Washington County, attendance atthe movies isjust large enough for the cinema operators to make modest profits. The size of the county's population is stable and is not expected to increase much. Yet there are investors ready to double the number of movie screens in the county within five years, and they are predicting solid profits both for themselves and for the established cinema operators.

Which of the following, if true about Washington County, most helps to provide a justification for the investors' prediction?


Over the next ten years, people in their teenage years, the prime moviegoing age, will be a rapidly growing proportion of the county's population.


As distinct from the existing cinemas, most ofthe cinemas being plannedwould be located in downtown areas, in hopes of stimulating an economic revitalization of those areas.


Spending on video purchases, as well as spending on video rentals, has been increasing modestly each ear for the past ten years.


The average number of screens per cinema is lower among existing cinemas than it is among cinemas still in the planning stages.


The sale of snacks and drinks in cinemas accounts for a steadily growing share of most cinema operators' profits.

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Option(A) is correct

Option A : Correct. This statement tells us that over the next ten years, a larger proportion of the population will probably be movie goers and this could significantly increase movie attendance in Washington County.

Option B :  While stimulating downtown revitalization is aworthy goal, this does not help explain why more people would be likely to go to the movies in Washington County. Further, it raises the question of whether theaters in a revitalized downtown would draw business away from theaters in other locations, thus reducing the established cinema operators' profits.

Option C :  This provides a reason to doubt the investors' prediction, because if spending on videos is increasing,people are probablyless likely to see movies in movie theaters.

Option D :  Regardless of how many screen seach new cinema has relative to the established cinemas, none of them will be profitable if they cannot attract sufficient numbers of cinema goers.

Option E :  Cinemas' profitability depending on their sales ofsnacks and drinks does notexplain why more people would go to the cinemain the firstplace.

The correct answer is A.

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