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Thyrian lawmaker: Thyria's Cheese Importation Board inspects all cheese shipments to Thyria and rejects shipments not meeting specified standards. Yet only 1 percent is ever rejected. Therefore, since the health consequences and associated economic costs of not rejecting that 1 percent are negligible, whereas the board's operating costs are considerable, for economic reasons alone the board should be disbanded.

Consultant: I disagree. The threat of having their shipments rejected deters many cheese exporters from shipping substandard product.

The consultant responds to the lawmaker's argument by


rejecting the lawmaker's argument while proposing that the standards according to which the board inspects imported cheese should be raised


providing evidence that the lawmaker's argument has significantly overestimated the cost of maintaining the board


objecting to the lawmaker's introducing into the discussion factors that are not strictly economic


pointing out a benefit of maintaining the board, which the lawmaker's argument has failed to consider


shifting the discussion from the argument at hand to an attack on the integrity of the cheese inspectors

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Option(D) is correct

Option A : The consultant does reject the lawmaker's argument, but the consultant does not propose higher standards. Indeed, in suggesting that the board should be retained, the consultant implies that the board's standards are appropriate.

Option B :  The consultant does not provide any evidence related to the board's cost.

Option C :  The only point the lawmaker raises that is not strictly economic is about the health consequences of disbanding the board, but the consultant does not address this point at all.

Option D :  Correct. This statement properly identifies the strategy the consultant employs in his or her counter argument. The consultant points outthat the board provides a significant benefit that the lawmaker did not consider.

Option E :  The consultant does not attack the integrity ofthe cheese inspectors; to the contrary, the consultant says that their inspections deter the cheese exporters from shipping substandard cheese.

The correct answer is D.

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