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Although parapsychology is often considered a pseudoscience, it is in fact a genuine scientific enterprise, for it uses scientific methods such as controlled experiments and statistical tests of clearly stated hypotheses to examine the questions it raises.

The conclusion above is properly drawn ifwhich of the following is assumed?


If a field of study can conclusively answer the questions it raises, then it is a genuine science.


Since parapsychology uses scientific methods, it will produce credible results.


Any enterprise that does not use controlled experiments and statistical tests is not genuine science.


Any field of study that employs scientific methods is a genuine scientific enterprise.


Since parapsychology raises clearly statable questions, they can be tested in controlled experiments.

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Option(D) is correct

Option A : The argument is based on an assumption about how the questions are investigated rather than on how well they are answered.

Option B : The argument is not about whether the resultsare credible, so this assumption is irrelevant.

Option C : Theargument does not concern whatis not genuine science, so there is no need for this assumption.

Option D : Correct. This statement properly identifies the argument's assumption that the use of scientific method is sufficient to make an enterprise genuine science.

Option E : This assumption does not make the connection required bythe argument between the use of scientific methods and a field of study's status as genuine science.

The correct answer is D.

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