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 For a trade embargo against a particularcountryto succeed, a high degree of both international accord and ability to prevent goods from entering or leaving that country must be sustained. Atotal blockade of Patria's ports is necessary to an embargo, but such an action would be likely to cause international discord over the embargo.

The claims above, iftrue, most strongly support which of the following conclusions?


The balance of opinion is likely to favor Patria inthe event of a blockade.


As long as international opinion is unanimously against Patria, a trade embargo is likely to succeed.


A naval blockade of Patria's ports would ensure that no goods enter or leave Patria.


Any trade embargo against Patria would be likely to fail at some time.


For a blockade of Patria's ports to be successful, international opinion must be unanimous.

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Option(D) is correct

Option A : Although international discord would likely result from a blockade, no information allows a conclusion to be drawn about the balance of opinion.

Option B : This conclusion is not justified because a successful embargo requires both international accord and the ability to enforce the embargo.

Option C : This statement simply defines the purpose ofa blockade; it is not a conclusion from the information given.

Option D : Correct. This statement properly identifies a conclusion supported by the claims.

Option : E The necessary condition for success is a high degree of international accord, so this conclusion cannot be justified.

The correct answer is D.

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