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At the time of invasion of Alauddin, Warangal was ruled by ___?


Kakatiya Dynasty


Chalukya Dynasty


Chola Dynasty


Yadava Dynasty


None of these

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Option(A) is correct

Conquest of Alauddin Khilji (1296 to 1316): 

  • North Indian expeditions :Gujarat,Ranathambor ,Chittor, Malwa,Marwar 
  • Expeditions in southern India – Devagiri (Deogir) and Baglana, Warangal, Dwar Samudra (Halebeedu), Mabar and Madurai. 

Some examples of his conquests are

  1. Gujarat (1297) - Karnadev Vaghela II of the Vaghela dynasty was the king 
  2. Ranthambor(1299-1301) - Rana Hamir Dev of the Chauhan dynasty was the king. 
  3. Chittor (1303) – Rana Ratan Singh was the ruler. 
  4. Warangal (1309) – Ruler Pratap Rudra Deva. Belong to Kakatiya Dynasty.

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