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Emperor Akbar conferred the title of Jagatguru upon which among the following Jaina Philosophers?


Hiravijay Suri


Anandasagar Suri


Vijay Shantichandra Suri


Anandasagar Suri


None of these

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Option(A) is correct

1526 - 1595 C.E: Muni Hiravijayji Suri was the supreme pontiff of Tapa Gachcha order of Jain Svetambara tradition.

He is famous for propounding the Jain philosophy to Emperor Akbar and turning him towards vegetarianism. Akbar was so impressed with Hiravijaya Suri that he bestowed on him the title of Jagatguru.

Akbar almost denounced meat eating and almost turned to vegetarianism due to inspiration from him.

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