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A solid wooden toy is in the shape of a right circular cone mounted on a hemisphere. If the radius of the hemisphere is 4.2 cm and the total height of the toy is 10.2 cm, find the volume of the wooden toy.

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104.22 cm\(^3\)


 162.08 cm\(^3\)


 427.56 cm\(^3\)


 266.11 cm\(^3\)

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Option(D) is correct

Volume of the cone is given by

\(=\dfrac{1}{3}\times \pi r^2 h\)

Here \(r=4.2\) cm, \(h=10.2-r=6\) cm

Therefore, the volume of the cone

\(=\dfrac{1}{3}\pi\times 4.2^2\times 6\)

\(=110.88\text{ cm}^3\)

Volume of the hemisphere

\(=\dfrac{1}{2}\times \dfrac{4}{3}\pi r^3\)


Total volume



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