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Four equal sized maximum circular plates are cut off from a square paper sheet of area \(784\) cm\(^2\). The circumference of each plate is:


22 cm


44 cm


66 cm


88 cm

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Option(B) is correct

Consider the diagram given below:

Answer image for Geometry & Mensuration, Aptitude:2172-1

Side of square paper

 \(=\sqrt{784}\) cm \(=28\) cm

Radius of each circular plate

 \(=\dfrac{1}{4}\times 28\)cm \(=7\) cm

Circuference of each circular plate

\(=2\times \dfrac{22}{7}\times 7\)

\(=44\) cm

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from where the value of 2*22/7 you get it?

Poonam Pipaliya

Sir, I have a confusion.

How 28 is divided by 4?

28 is just a side value.

Then how only one side can be divided for four square?


Because if you visualize, then side of the square will contain 2 circles (or 4 radius).

So in order to get the radius, it is divided by 4.

Also, added an image.