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Common Information

A wood arrangement machine, when given a particular input, rearranges it following a particular rule. Following is the illustration of the input and the steps of arrangement:

Input: She was interested in doing art film

Step 1: art she was interested in doing film

Step 2: art was she interested in doing film

Step 3: art was in she interested doing film

Step 4: art was in film she interested doing

Step 5: art was in film doing she interested

Step 5 is the last step of the given input.

Now study the logic and rules followed in the above steps, find out appropriate step for the question given below for the given input.


Common Information Question: 2/3

If step 2 of an input is “not is the casino considering legal action”, which step is: “not is casino action legal the considering”?


Step: 3


Step: 6


Step: 4


None of the above

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Option(D) is correct

Step 2: not is the casino considering legal action.

Step 3: not is casino the considering legal action.

Step 4: not is casino action the considering legal.

Step 5: not is casino action legal the considering.

Thus the required sequence is achieved in Step 5.

This is not given in any of the options.

Hence, option D is the correct choice.

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