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Common Information

There are two grids given below with the letters $a$ to $h$ filled in place of some natural numbers. The numbers have to be placed in both the grids such that the sum of numbers in each row or column of any grid is always an odd number less than 4 and the numbers in each row and column should not be same. Also $d$ is always equal to $e$.

Answer the following questions based on the above information.

Table below can be scrolled horizontally

a b
c d

Table below can be scrolled horizontally

e f
g h

Common Information Question: 2/2

What is the probability that $a + b > e + f$?











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Option(C) is correct

From the completed grids, it is clear that $a$ will always be equal to $e$ and $b$ will always be equal to $f$.

$\therefore a + b$ will always be equal to $e + f.$

$\therefore$ The probability that $a + b > e + f$ is $0$.

Hence, option C is the right choice.

Note: Look out for such easy questions where you need to understand the concept of the arrangement and not actually waste time on the complete arrangement.

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