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Common Information

Five women decided to go shopping to M.G. Road, Bangalore. They arrived at the designated meeting place in the following order: 1. Archana, 2. Chellamma, 3. Dhenuka, 4. Helen, and 5. Shahnaz. Each woman spent at least Rs. 1000. Below are some additional facts about how much they spent during their shopping spree.

i. The woman who spent Rs. 2234 arrived before the lady who spent Rs. 1193.

ii. One woman spent Rs. 1340 and she was not Dhenuka.

iii. One woman spent Rs. 1378 more than Chellamma.

iv. One woman spent Rs. 2517 and she was not Archana.

v. Helen spent more than Dhenuka.

vi. Shahnaz spent the largest amount and Chellamma the smallest.


Common Information Question: 2/3

Which of the following amounts was spent by one of them?


Rs. 1139


Rs. 1378


Rs. 2571


Rs. 2718

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Option(A) is correct

The amounts are Rs. 2,234, Rs. 1,193, Rs. 1,340 and Rs. 2,517. The fifth amount is not given.

∵ One woman’s amount = Chellamma’s amount + Rs. 1,378

∵ All the women spent more than Rs. 1,000.

∴ Chellamma’s amount

= Rs. 2,517 – Rs. 1,378

= Rs. 1,139

Answer image for Complex Arrangement, Logical Reasoning:2252-1The biggest amount of Rs. 2,517 is spent by Shahnaz.

Answer image for Complex Arrangement, Logical Reasoning:2252-2It is given that Helen spent more than Dhenuka and Dhenuka did not spend Rs. 1,340.

∴ Dhenuka spent Rs. 1,193.

We also know that the women who spent Rs. 2,234 arrived before the lady who spent 1193.

∴ Archana spent Rs. 2,234 and Helen spent Rs. 1,340.

Table below can be scrolled horizontally

  Amount Spent
Archana Rs. 2,234 Not Rs. 2,517
Chellamma Rs. 1,139  
Dhenuka Rs. 1,193 Not Rs. 1,340
Helen Rs. 1,340  
Shahnaz Rs. 2,517  

Rs. 1,139 was one of the amounts spent. It was spent by Chellamma.

Hence, option A is the correct choice.

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