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Common Information

Ajay would do five tasks: A, B, C, D and E; starting at 9 am in the morning. A is the first task and takes two hours. B can be done after A is complete and requires 1 hour. Work on C which would take 1 hour can start only after A and B are complete. Ajay can do task D along with B and C and would take 3 hours for that. Activity E with duration of 1 hour can start on completion of A, B, C and D.


Common Information Question: 2/3

If Ajay takes 2 hours for B and completes other preceding tasks without delay, when can E start?


12 noon


3 pm


2 pm


1 pm

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Option(C) is correct

Whether there is a delay for B or not, does not change the time when D gets over as to complete D Ajay needs 3 hrs.

∴ Ajay will complete D at 2 pm.

∴ He can start E at 2 pm.

Hence, option C is the correct choice.

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