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A chain smoker had spent all the money he had. He had no money to buy his cigarettes. Hence, he resorted to join the stubs and to smoke them.

He needed 4 stubs to make a single cigarette. If he got a pack of 10 cigarettes as a gift, then how many cigarettes could he smoke in all?









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Option(D) is correct

Ten cigarettes give 10 stub.

From 10 stubs 3 more cigarettes can be made (2 stubs would be obtained from 2 cigarettes formed by joining 8 stubs.)

So he could smoke 13 cigarettes in all.

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a guy will smoke 10 cigarettes.. so there will be 10 stubs

(we know that 4 stub = 1 cigarettes)

4(1 cigarettes)+4(1 cigarettes)+2(stubs)=10(stubs)

1(stub)+1(stub)+2(stub)=4 stub=1 cigarettes

So ans:13


Hi 2 all,

Here Guy will smoke 10 cigarettes

then 10 stubs will be from that.

From that 2 new cigarettes will be formed from 8 stubs and 2 stubs will be remaining.

After smoking 2 new cigarettes 2 new stubs will be formed from that.

Now 2 new stubs and 2 old remaining stubs(when he had 10 stubs and 8 were used to make 2 cigarettes).

Now from total 4 stubs 1 more cigarettes he smokes.

Hence total cigarettes he smoked

10(original cigarettes)+2(made from 8 out of 10 stubs)+1(made from 2 stubs from original and 2 stub's from new cigarettes)=13

Apoorv Jain

nice tricky question...

in my first attempt i answered 12.... but the correct answer is 13. grt..Cool