Verbal Ability

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1). Thus begins the search for relief: painkillers, ice, yoga, herbs, even surgery

2). Most computer users develop disorders because they ignore warnings like tingling fingers, a numb hand or a sore shoulder

3). They keep pointing and dragging until tendons chafe and scar tissue forms, along with bad habits that are almost impossible to change

4). But cures are elusive , because repetitive stree injuries present a bag of ills that often defy easy diagnosis.









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Option(C) is correct

Here we can make out that sentence 2 is will be the starting sentence as it introduces the subject matter, which is ‘computer users and related problems’.
Option 4 automatically gets eliminated as its start with sentence 1.
Option 1 can be ruled out as there is no correlation between sentence 2 and sentence 4. 
Sentence 2 talks of warnings whereas sentence 4 talks about the cure for illness and hence no correlation exists.
Option C presents the most logical sequence. So this the correct option

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