Verbal Ability

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1). By the time he got to Linjeflug four years later, he had learned many lessons, in fact, he began his second stint as top dog by calling the entire company together in a hanger and asking for help, a far cry from his barking out commands just 48 months back.

2). At SAS, he arrived at a time crisis.

3). This book is chock-a-block full of intrusive stories and practical advice, describing Carton’s activities at Vingresor (where he assumed his first presidency at age 32), Linjeflug, and SAS in particular.

4). He began at Vingresor as an order giver, not a listener – neither to his people nor to his customers and made every mistake in the book.









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Option(D) is correct

The correct option here will be option D. As we can see that only in option D the time line of the sentences is correctly maintained. Sentence 3 will be the opening sentence because only 3 has noun (NAME) for he. Furthermore 4 will come before 1 and 2. Hence 3412, as we can see in sentence 3 the order is already given ‘Vingressor, Linjeflug, SAS’ , we just have to follow this order and see the correct option which is option D.

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Ravi Arora

i am adding another reason for option D to consider correct.

in option 3 it was mentioned that ( where he assumed his first presidency at age 32) and in option 4 it is mentioned that he began as an order giver not a listener. finally, the person who is in power or we can say, most of the time only authoritarians can give order not anyone else. hence option D is correct.