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1). They argue that it is this, which has led to the bankruptcy in many states.

2). Here was a commission whose members worked very hard, did exemplary research and homework, before coming up with a list of recommendations that balanced economic efficiency with safety nets for disadvantaged labour.

3). It reminds us of the political shenanigans during the implementation of the Fifth pay Commission.

4). How many times have you heard experts, politicians and the finance minister refer to the implementation of the pay hikes following the commission's report as the singular cause for the increase in government expenditure?

5). Barring P. Chidambram, who was then the finance minister, every single political party and politician opposed the implementation of the recommendations and are directly responsible for the current fiscal crises in the Centre and the states.









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Option(B) is correct

3 introduces the topic of the pay commission and 4 further explains the topic. 
25 and 41 are mandatory pairs.

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In consensus with Achu


How can a sentence starting with 'it' be the first?


It can be. All we need to do is find a logical connection and arrange the sentences.