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The distance between two stations A and B is 778 km. A train covers the journey from A to B at 84 km per hour and returns back to A with a uniform speed of 56 km per hour. Find the average speed of train during the whole journey.


60.3 km/hr


35.0 km/hr


57.5 km/hr


67.2 km/hr

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Option(D) is correct

$\text{Average Speed} = \left(\dfrac{2xy}{x+y}\right)$ km/hr

$=\left(\dfrac{2\times 84 \times 56}{84+56}\right)$

$=\left(\dfrac{2\times 84 \times 56}{140}\right)$

$= \textbf{67.2 km/hr}$

Edit: For explanation on the formula used, check comment by Sravan Reddy.

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Intelligent Freak

Another way of doing question in case one forget the formula

Total distance = 778*2 = 1556

Total time taken to travel from A to B = 778/84 = 9.26

Total time taken to travel from B to A = 778/56 = 13.89

Total time = 23.15

Avg speed = total distance/ total time

Avg speed = 1556/23.15

Ans = 67.25


Can someone elaborate this one?

Sravan Reddy

That is the formula for calculating the average speed when the distance traveled is same with varying speed.

Suppose $d$ is the distance and $s_1$,$s_2$ are speeds. then average speed is total distance divided by total time

Total distance is $2d$ and total time is $\dfrac{d}{s_1}+\dfrac{d}{s_2} = d \times \left(\dfrac{1}{s_1}+\dfrac{1}{s_2}\right)$

$\text{Average speed} = \dfrac{2d}{\text{total time}}$ which by simplifying you get the equation given in solution description.

Umang Uniya

It is very easy monk


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