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The minister of the Gahadvala King Govindachandra and author of Kalpadruma was __?









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Option(C) is correct

THE GAHADVALA DYANSTY – descendants of Suryavansha of Ayodhya. The Gahadvala, or Gaharwar, was a Hindu and Buddhist Indian dynasty that ruled the kingdom of Kannauj for approximately a hundred years, beginning in the late eleventh century.

The founder of the Kannauj Gahadvala dynasty was Chandradeva, who took control of Kannauj at the end of the 11th century (1090A.D.).

During the rule of his successor, Govindachandra, from 1114-1154, the state of Gahadvala reached the pinnacle of its power, His minister, Lakshmidhara, was the author of several legal works, including Kalpadruma.

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