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1). Food manufactures spend more on advertising than any other manufacturing group and the nation's grocery stores rank first among all retailers.

2). Food product lead in expenditures for network and spot television advertisements, discount coupons, trading stamps, contests, and other forms of premium advertising.

3). Foods are overwhelming the most advertised group of all consumer products in the U.S.

4). In other media- newspapers, magazines, newspaper supplements, billboard and radio, food advertising expenditures rank near the top.









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Option(B) is correct

2 follows 3 as it confirms the information of the statement in 3. Logically, more the advertisement, more the expenses. In 4 the expenditure mentioned in advertising on food products is further elaborated. 1 sums up the thought. Thus option B is correct

(2) Comment(s)


But according to the rule generalized statement comes first here I am saying 1 after 4 so that it will be like generalized statement first and then its elaboration.


Yes, the general statement should come first and that is why I believe 1 should come after 4 as it elaborates point mentioned in 4.

Thus, your logic is true but I guess the order is correctly mentioned in the existing solution as 3241.