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1). If you are used to having your stimulation come in from outside, your mind never develops its own habits of thinking and reflecting

2). Marx thought that religion was the opiate, because it soothed people’s pain and suffering and prevented them from rising in rebellion

3). If Karl Marx was alive today, he would say that television is the opiate of the people.

4). Television and similar entertainments are even more of an opiate because of their addictive tendencies.









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Option(D) is correct

Sentence 2 has Marx (short Form) and sentence 3 has Karl Marx (Full form). So 3 will come before 2. Now in given options A and B and C, we can clearly see that 2 is placed before 3 and hence we reject option A, B and C which leaves us with only option D which is the correct option.

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Dipanshu Bhatia

Why the order can't be 1324 ? Since Statement 1 introduces the theme of paragraph hence can be the introductory sentence here ?


I agree, I also thought it should be 1324.

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