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1). A difference in the frequency of usage of counter proposing between skilled and average negotiators suggests that counter proposing may not be, as effective one tends to think it would be.

2). I may have suggested that my son buy a pair of trousers at a certain price whereas my son would have made a counterproposal that he would rather buy two pairs at half price each.

3). Research conducted across several negotiators ranging from sales negotiators to purchase and labour negotiators shows that average negotiators tend to counter propose more often than skilled negotiators.

4). This happens in everyday life too.

5). Think back to the last time you were discussing completing an assignment with one of your colleagues : you may have suggested that you both come in on Saturday to finish the work and your colleague may have counter proposed that you could stay back on Friday evening and finish it instead.









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Option(D) is correct

3 is the opening statement. The other statements follow out of 3. 

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Why can't option A be the answer?


Sentence 4 begins with "This". Here "This" can only refer to the "Research" mentioned in Sentence 3. Hence 4 should follow 3 which is given in option D.


i every time find myself wrong plz provide me the tricks to solve them, specially this question