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P). Exchange control does not altogether prohibit Indian banks keeping open positions during the course of a day.

1). Indeed, unless they are willing to take open positions, they will cease to be market-makers.

2). For market-makers offering two-way quotes in the international markets, open positions are far more common.

3). Thus, depending on the policy of a bank, dealers may be allowed to take intra-day positions in order to make profit.

4). For instance, a dealer expecting the dollar to weaken during the day might deliberately create, through customer transactions and transaction in the inter-bank market, an oversold position in the hope of squaring it later during a day at a profit, should his expectation about the dollar weakening materialise.

Q). Large overbought or oversold positions are often deliberately built up in the hope of profiting from price movements.









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Option(C) is correct

'Thus' of 3 is an explanation of P; 'for instance' of 4 an example. 'Indeed' of 1 has to make it one following a sentence which is 'open portion' talked about in 2.

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Is there anybody can explain how to use articles or other hints to order this question?


I'm also not getting it

Ggunjan Chopra

Please explain.i m nt gettin it.