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1). The inherent expectations of a high short-term return on advertising investment that is common to most traders who are attempting to scale up operations is not conductive to a long-term consistency in advertising direction.

2). The lack of significant players with national reach is only one of the factors that explains the relatively low attention given to mass marketing by the retail sector in India.

3). Mass marketing by Indian retail chains has hitherto been the exception rather than the rule.

4). The focused brand image which leads to pithy, punchy advertising has been difficult because most retailers have not been focused in terms of their own vision for their retail brand. Most advertising has tended to focus on the presence of locations or the range.

5). Advertising then tends to focus significantly on announcement of in store promotions and events, where the payoffs in terms of immediate increases in customer entry and average cash memo size are more visible.









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Option(B) is correct

3 tells us what the paragraph is all about and therefore it is opening statement. 
2 is explanatory.

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