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P). Because services are performances, they cannot be inventoried.

1). This is a significant fact of life in a services business demand peaks cannot be accommodated simply by taking goods off the shelf.

2). Conversely, if an airliner takes off with 40 empty seats, the revenue that those 40 seats could have produced, had they been filled, is lost forever.

3). One of the crucial challenges in many service industries is to find ways to better synchronise supply and demand as an alternative to recurring conditions of severe over demand and under demand.

4). If an airline has 40 more flight-reservation request than capacity permits, some business will likely be lost.

Q). This is easier said than done : demand peaks can occur during certain times of the day (airlines, restaurant), during certain days of week (movies, hair styling), and during certain months of the year (income tax services, beach resorts).









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Option(A) is correct

"This is significant fact......." of 1 carries on from P.
4 and 2 give examples that follow 1.

"This is easier said than done" of Q comments on the 'way to better synchronise supply and demand' promised in 3.

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