Verbal Ability

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1). Of course, sitting out in the country I possessed less information than anyone else at headquarters about was going on, but they called me anyway.

2). But as soon I arrived at my country house, the telephone began ringing.

3). And it kept right on ringing with questions from people back at the office about the most mundane matters.

4). In the summer of 1992, the first year I became president of XYZ, I decided to take a two-week vacation.









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Option(D) is correct

Since all options begin with 4, 4 is the opening statement. '23' also form a mandatory pair as 'it' in 3 refers to the telephone mentioned in statement 2.

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i am bit confused how can be the first sentence is the conclusion."They called me anyway" and " i got the ring" seem more logical to me.Pls explain



#shruti hey, as now cat is not about looking at the ans options and predicting the answer, how can i assume that 1st sentence will be my conclusion?