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1). More organisations today seek a transformation in their businesses, yet most of them think of and talk about managing change.

2). Change is characterised by 'reactivity'. Most of us live in the domain of change both as individuals and as organisations.

3). The characteristics of transformation are positive and actually creative. They stem from a new found sense of purposefulness, once a higher purpose is discovered.

4). The implications of this conflict will not be fully appreciated until we learn to distinguish between change and transformation.

5). Clearly, we all aspire to live in the domain of transformation even if we presently are in the domain of change.









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Option(C) is correct

1 is clearly the opening statement and 5 is the closing statement. 4 explains 1.

Edit: Correct answer choice has been changed to option C from option A after it has been pointed out by Suchithra.

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how do determine if it is 2 after 3 or 3 after 2?


The explanation given is 4 explains 1. Then 4 should follow 1. Also, option C, 14235 seems more logical than 13245. Could you please elaborate the explanation ?


Thank you Suchithra, changed the correct choice to option C.