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P). Employees need to follow a meaningful set of guidelines designed to minimize risks while encouraging creativity.

1). They must establish a meaningful corporate culture that encourages a sense of entrepreneurship.

2). Seniors managers have a large role to play in this balancing act.

3). They have to find ways of encouraging mass experiments while limiting possible threats to the company's existence.

4). They need to make sure the workers they hire have the skills necessary to drive the company forward.

Q). If all goes well, natural leaders will 'emerge' to move the organization forward.









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Option(A) is correct

We should begin with 2, as it speaks about who would be required to do the activity that is mentioned in the main statement.

The 'balancing act' of 2 which is the task mentioned in P makes 2 been the paragraph. Paragraph cannot end with 4 because 'company-forward' cannot be repeated before Q.

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