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1). Its cargo consisted of 38 sacks of spices and Magellan himself had been hacked to pieces on the beach of Mactan in the Phillipines

2). So contrary to popular belief it was the crew of the Victoria who were the first men to have sailed around the globe

3). In September 1522 Victoria , the sole survivor of the Armada, limped into the Spanish port San Lucar , manned by a skeleton crew of 15, so weak they could not talk

4). In September 1519 the Armada de Molucca of five ships and 250 sailors has set out from San lucar de Barrameda under the command of Fernando de Magellan

5). It was to sail to the spice islands of the Malayan Archipelago where they were to exchange an assortment of bells, mirrors and scissors for cinnamon and cloves.









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Option(A) is correct

We can see its written Magellan in sentence 1 whereas Fernando de Magellan in sentence 4  therefore sentence 1 will come after sentence 4..Sentence 1 cannot be the starting sentence as its describes the cargo but not about who’s cargo is it?

Sentence 2 cannot be starting sentence also as it indicates continuation of a similar idea. It will come after its supporting sentence.

Furthermore we can see its written armada in sentence 3 where as full form armada de molluca is written in sentence 4 therefore 3 will come after 4.this rules out option C.

4 will be the starting sentence here and 5 will follow 4 as it correctly shows the journey of armada ship. 1 describes the armada and in sentence 5 it is mentioned that he begins his journey.

Therefore option A i.e. 45312 will be the correct answer.

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Answer should be d.. at least list the right answers . what good are these questions for then to practice


5 and 1 giving the same idea so it is kind of redundant to keep 5 and 1 side by side


answer should be D not A. It cargo consisted of is continuation of the ship here.

Shivam Aggarwal

answer should be D. the "cinnamon" must continue with the "spices". Please check