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1). Ignorance is the opposite of knowledge, i.e., want of knowledge.

2). To deal with uncertainty and ignorance economists have recognized the entrepreneur as possessing this non-rational form of knowledge.

3). Like some ancient priest-king, the entrepreneur ‘knows’ the future and leads his people.

4). Entrepreneurial knowledge is essentially intuitive.

5). It involves seeing and realizing a vision of future markets, products and/or other opportunities.









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Option(D) is correct

5 uses the pronoun 'it' to refer to a non-living antecedent. 1 or 2 cannot be the antecedents as they have multiple subjects which the pronoun it would qualify.

So 5 can either immediately follow 3 or 4. 4 is a general statement and 5 explains it more, so the flow of the passage has to be from 4 to 5, something that is violated in option 5. Hence It refers to Entrepreneurial knowledge and hence we would need 45 together. Also, 1 defines a variable and 2 mentions what economists did to deal with it. Hence 12 too must be together.

So we are left with options C and D.
2 has a phrase 'this non-rational for of knowledge' in which 'this' again refers to Entrepreneurial knowledge. 
Hence the flow of the passage has to be from 4 to 2. Hence option D is the correct answer

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