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1). In 1979, Grenada witnessed the establishment of a socialist government by Maurice Bishop, which survived four years of US-engineered incursions.

2). This was duly appreciated, with some 7, 000 US servicemen being designated as heroes and given decorations.

3). This government was overthrown in an internal power struggle among left-wing groups and, within three weeks of the Bishop’s ouster and assassination, Reagan launched Operation Urgent Fury against Grenada, claiming that the invasion was "forced on us by events that have no precedent in the eastern Caribbean."

4). In the end Grenada, just like Cuba and Nicaragua, was no more than the Chomskian "threat of a good example" to other Third World countries in the region.

5). Around 2,000 US Marines "fought" for a week, destroying a mental hospital, killing 84 Cubans building an airstrip, and 400 Grenadians.









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Option(B) is correct

Clearly 13 and 52 are the 'linking pairs'. Even if one cannot understand the meaning of the sentences 1 and 3, they can be arranged using the logic of 'Articles'. 
In 3, it is written 'This government' and this implies that 'government' must have been introduced somewhere and that introductory sentence for government is '1'.

Now, in sentence '2' US servicemen are appreciated but for what work. That work is described in sentence '5'. Hence the answer 13524.

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