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P). That truth is the first casualty in a war is an old story.

1). The media age, however, has given it a new twist.

2). News management techniques can now make half-lies more plausible.

3). And the television camera age can make them more entertaining.

4). The US led war on terrorism, even as it has created new dilemmas for allies used to nurturing militant outfits for waging proxy wars, also produced new opportunities for cover-ups, double-speak and double-cross.

Q). The suave public persona the war coalition leader presents can be quite different in this situation from the stern face he shows in private.









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Option(D) is correct

'It' in 1 refers to truth being a casualty as expressed in sentence P.
Hence, 1 follows sentence P.

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Also 'this' in Q can be logically related to 4 hence 4 should come just before Q. Thus the sequence 1234.