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1). Teacher preparation must ensure development of commitment amongst teachers.

2). With all the limitations and deficiencies inherent in our educational system has to be achieved only through combined effort of teachers and community.

3). It is tough proposition when most of the other sectors are influenced by self-interests and material pursuits everywhere.

4). A value based approach must form the backbone of educational system and also the teacher education system.

5). However, teacher education needs to emphasise that teachers alone can kindle the value-based growth.









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Option(B) is correct

'1' can be the first sentence but 'teacher preparation' is not the subject of the paragraph; ''overhaul of the educational system", as stated in 2, is the subject.

Hence 2 the first sentence. 3 cannot follow 2 since 'it' in 3 does not have any reference in 2. 'Tough proposition' in 3 is referred to 'the development' in 1. 
Hence 13 is the logical pair.

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Same doubt as mentioned by Lee.


"A value based approach must form the backbone of educational system" why can this not be the subject for "a tough proposition" in 3? hence 3 follows 4 as in option c?