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1). Since independence, every political party has played communal card whenever election time draws near.

2). In fact, the caste and communal cards have been fine-tuned to an art form in the political games that are played in this country.

3). This was seen when the Youth Congress(I) goons were given a free hand to terrorise Sikhs all over the country after Indira Gandhi's assassination.

4). When each party carefully selects political candidates on the basis of religion or caste, it is encouraging and continuing the divide-and-rule tactics of its colonial masters.

5). And no political party can absolve itself on this count; worse, political parties take on board hoodlums and gangsters who use their clout in political circles to settle scores and extract money.









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Option(C) is correct

2 cannot start the paragraph as it begin with 'in fact'. 3 cannot begin the para since it starts with a pronoun 'this'. Hence 1 begins the paragraph. 4 follows 1- 1 talks of 'communal card' and 4 refers to 'religion or caste'. 35 is illogical as 3 cities an example to what is stated in 5 and so cannot follow 5.

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I just want to know why it cannot be option B (13254). 1 talks about past - "Since independence", and 3 is associated with past also- "after Indira Gandhi's assassination". And then 2 follows "the caste and communal cards" after 1 mentions "every political party has played communal card". Kindly clarify once.