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It is difficult to reconcile the ideas of different schools of thought on the question of education. Some people maintain that pupils of school should concentrate on a narrow range of subjects which will benefit them directly in their subsequent careers. Others contend that they should study a wide range of subjects so that they not only have the specialized knowledge necessary for their chosen careers but also sound general knowledge about the world they will have to work and live in. Supporters of the first theory state that the greatest contributions to civilization are made by those who are expert in their trade or profession. Those on the other side say that, unless they have a broad general education, the experts will be too narrow in their outlook to have sympathy with their fellows or a proper sense of responsibility towards humanity as a whole.


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According to the second school of thought education will not be very effective, if students


do not have a wide general education


have inadequate knowledge of their own work


ignore the study of fine arts


concentrate on only a few subjects

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Option(A) is correct

Wide general education is needed to broaden the outlook.

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Rahul V Raj

nice question wow its so good its helpfull for stuidents

Nilesh Kumar

we can also go with B.


This was a very easy question which is not likely to come in any of the exams.


This is all perspective. I believe that such questions are there in almost every exam including CAT. You just need to get them first.


this is wrong question


Care to explain, why do you feel this way?