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Among the litany of threats that many Israelis face, the potential for a nuclear-armed Iran is perhaps the more scary as this scenario could engulf the region in a violent war. This would likely result in historically unseen amounts of destruction, even for a region whose history is marred by perennial violence.


perhaps the more


perhaps the most


possibly, perhaps the most


possibly the greatest


possibly the great

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Option(B) is correct

The superlative form most scary must be used instead of the comparative form more scary since the author is indicating that among all the threats, a specific threat is the most scary.

A.more must be replaced by most as the superlative form (most) must be used since the author is not comparing threats but stating that a single threat is the scariest

B.The superlative form is correctly used

C.Although the superlative form is correctly used, this choice makes the sentence unduly long; the phrase possibly, perhaps is awkward and not idiomatically correct

D.While a superlative is used, the sentence is exceedingly awkward as the phrasepossibly the greatest scary is not idiomatic

E.The superlative form is not used; the phrase possibly the great scary as this scenariois awkward and not idiomatic

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