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During the worst years of the Great Depression, America faced tremendous challenges as unemployment topped 25%. Many historians credit the New Deal and the World War II industrial complex for propelling America out of the depression and into a then-unparalleled time of economic prosperity.


for propelling


with having propelled


as propelling


to propelling


with propelling

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Option(E) is correct

The current sentence uses the incorrect idiom to credit x ... for y. The correct idiom is to credit x ... with y

A. to credit x ... for y is not the correct idiom

B. having propelled is not the proper verb tense and should be replaced with propelling

C. to credit x ... as y is not the correct idiom

D. to credit x ... to y is not the correct idiom

E. to credit x ... with y is the correct idiom; propelling instead of having propelled is also correct

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