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The prosecutor’s argument, which hinged on a little known provision in a 1972 law, differed considerably from the plaintiff, who contended that a landmark 1999 Supreme Court decision supported his argument.


the plaintiff


that of the plaintiff


those from the plaintiff


that espoused by the plaintiff


that from the plaintiff

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Option(B) is correct

When making a comparison, you must compare like parts (i.e., compare an argument to an argument). You cannot compare unlike parts (i.e., an argument with a person). To correct the issue, we must compare the prosecutor’s argument with the plaintiff's argument (i.e., with that of the plaintiff).

A. the sentence illogically compares unlike parts (i.e., the prosecutor’s argument andthe plaintiff)

B. the sentence logically compares the prosecutor’s argument with that of the plaintiff(i.e., with the argument of the plaintiff)

C. the plural those improperly refers to a singular argument when the singular thatshould be used instead

D. the phrase that espoused by the plaintiff is unduly wordy

E. the word from improperly makes the sentence not parallel (i.e., the argument of the prosecutor is not parallel with the argument from the plaintiff)

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