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Common Information

Fill in the blanks in the passage with the appropriate choice.

The house was ___1___ with recording equipment and Johny had two girls work the turn-off and volumes. After they had dinner, Johny went to work. He had Nino playing the ___2___ as ___3___ and sang all his old songs. He sang them all the way out, not nursing his voice at all. His throat was fine; he left he could sing forever. In the months he had not been able to sing he had often thought about singing, planned how he would ___4___ lyrics differently now than as a kid. He had sung in his head with more sophisticated variations of emphasis. He ___5___ a little on timing but that was OK.


Common Information Question: 3/5

Most suitable word for 3 is:









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Option(A) is correct

Accompaniment is the right word considering the song and the mandolin.

In music, accompaniment is the art of playing along with an instrumental or vocal soloist or ensemble

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