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Who among the following were teachers of Gautama Buddha before his enlightenment?

1. Alara Kalama
2. Udraka Ramputra
3. Makkhali Gosala
4. Nigantha Nataputta

Indicate your answer from the codes given below.


1 and 4


4 and 2


2 and 3


1 and 2

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Option(D) is correct

i. At ‘Vaishali’, Alara Kalama (Sankhya philosopher) taught the techniques of meditation and the teaching of Upanishads to Gautam Buddha.

ii. At ‘Rajgriha’, Udraka Ramputra taught him to achieve the highest level of meditation.

iii. At last ,at the age of 35,Gautam Bhudha attained nirvana at ‘Bodh gaya ‘in Bihar.

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