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Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?


Nagananda – Harsha


Mudrarakshasa - Visakhadatta


Mrichchhakatika - Sudraka


Ratnavali - Rajasekhara

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Option(D) is correct

Mricchakatika, is a ten-act Sanskrit drama written by Sudraka.

Nagananda is one of the best Sanskrit dramas in five acts dealing with the popular story of Jimutavahana’s self-sacrifice to save the Nagas, written by king Harsha(Vardhana Dynasty).

The Mudrarakshasa ("The Signet of the Minister") is a historical play in Sanskrit by Vishakhadatta that narrates the ascent of the king Chandragupta Maurya to power in Northern India.

Ratnavali is a Sanskrit drama about a beautiful princess named Ratnavali, and a great king named Udayana,written by Indian emperor Harsha(Vardhana dynasty).

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