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Who identified "Sandrokottus" of the Greco-Roman literature with Chandragupta Maurya?


D. R. Bhandarkar


Alexander Cunningham


R. P. Chanda


William Jones

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Option(D) is correct

i. Maurya Empire was the first and one of the greatest empire to be established in Indian history by Chandragupta Maurya.

ii. He dethronged the last Nanda ruler Dhananand and occupied Patliputra in 322 BC with the help of Kautilya(Chankya).

iii. In 305 BC ,he defeated Selecus Nikator ,who was one of the generals of Alexander The Great (Greek ruler).

iv. He is also well-known in the Greek texts as - Sandro Kottus, Androcottus, Sandokyptos.

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